Communications with credible and committed natural / legal persons has always been a major concern for commercial or industrial firms. Fortunately, the reasonable interactions conducted by Parand Maahtab Industrial Co. have created good relationships and sustainable communications inside and outside of the country.

The companies and groups, who severally have acquired a major market share, have a great capacity which in addition to mutual collaboration has created a synergy and also a point of strength and fulcrum for Parand Maahtab Industrial Co.


  • – Collaborating firms inside Iran:
    • Takalom Commercial Co.
    • Jebel Damavand Saba Commercial Co.
    • Karavan Tejarat Pooya Co.
    • Khavardasht Cultivation & Industry Co.
    • Exdaneh Production Co.
    • Fazl Neyshaboor Production Co.
    • Yeganeh Khazar Vegetable Oil Production Co.
    • Khorasan Cotton & Oily Seeds Co.
    • Oily Seeds Cultivation Development Co.
    • Shkoofeh Bahar Ghaem Production Co.
    • Goldaneh Mahdasht Oil Refining Co.
    • Altin Daneh Gonbad Edible Oil Refining Co.
    • Golbahar Sepahan Edible Oil Refining Co.
    • Golbahar Abrisham Edible Oil Refining Co.
    • Alghadir Livestock & Poultry feed Co.
    • Artan Livestock & Poultry feed Co.
    • Taimaz Livestock & Poultry feed Co.
    • Farouj Livestock & Poultry feed Co.
    • Aria Industries & Manufacturers Co.
    • Kousha Metal Industries Co.
  • Collaborating firms outside Iran:
    • GAUNJH Investment Group                            (Tajikistan)
    • NAVOERSEAS Production – Commercial Co.      (India)
    • SPITAMENT OIL Production Co.                      (Tajikistan)
    • HALAL Chicken Breeding & Egg Production Co.  (Tajikistan)