R & D

Advancement and development of knowledge in the feed industry, preservation, and the livestock and poultry slaughter houses, has made machine production methods, as well as defined food combinations of and preservation schedules, face new changes and definitions on a daily basis. These changes had positive and salient impacts on production efficacy and quality of products.

Parand Maahtab Industrial Co., in line with its vertical development programs is going to use the capabilities of credible foreign knowledgeable and technologically advanced companies to transfer materials, equipment and current know - how to Iran in the following fields of action :

√ Transfer of knowledge and new formulations used in the production of livestock and poultry feed in order to upgrade the level of quality of nutrition efficiency.

√ Collaboration with foreign companies to supply livestock and poultry food supplements and associated drugs to Iranian buyers as their representative.

√ Collaboration with foreign companies to supply equipment for animal husbandry, poultry - breeding centers, fish - breeding centers, and slaughter houses in the first phase, and transfer of construction knowledge into Iran with overseas party’s supervision in the second round.

√ Parand Maahtab Industrial Co. capabilities based on collaborating with foreign companies.

√ Extensive knowledge of Iran's market to define real needs.

√ Maintaining good and effective communications with potential customers.

√ Full knowledge of the rules, regulations, and executive agencies.

√ Maintaining software & hardware facilities in Iran.

√ High experience in the fields of commerce, production and industry.

√ Ability to attract regional clients (Middle East and CIS countries)