One of the pillars of any economic organization is the experience and vision of its founders. Parand Maahtab Industrial Company -PMCO, based on the experience, intellect and entrepreneurial efforts of its founders has managed well to establish the foundations of an efficient economic enterprise. The history of company founders consists of experiences with development ideas that are partly mentioned in the following:

  • Establishment, making economically viable and launching a number of factories that in the time being employ over 500 people.
  • Developing and increasing capacity of manufacturing, commercial and services complexes that presently have 800 billion Tomans (about 300 million USD) annual turnover.
  • Presence in the non-governmental organizations and forums, as an active and effective member on the board of directors of oil extraction, refining and equipment and machinery manufacturing industries, and each of the 300 members of these organizations, are considered a set of market capabilities.

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