• Mission:

Parand Maatab Industrial Company -PMCO, in the framework of defined organizational values, deems itself obliged to increase efficiency in all sectors and provide services based on respect for the rights of domestic and foreign customers in its presence in the market.

  • Vision:

Communication between foreign business owners and industries with the domestic sector in order to take advantage of the latest knowledge in business and production, and also having access to the supply and production chain, from seed to the main and side products, is the vision that PMCO has conceptualized for itself.

  •  Strategy:

PMCO, by defining its mission and its five-year outlook, has based its strategy on market development according to today’s technology and know-how. This development will achieve the following objectives at the end of the aforementioned five years:


  • Increasing in the turnover of the complex up to the level of the 40,000,000 USD (annual)
  • Refining edible oil up to five percent of Iran's annual market,
  • Production and supply of 100,000 MT annual tons of livestock and poultry concentrates and supplements,
  • The establishment of production, distribution, and sales offices in at least 15 provinces in Iran, 5 Asian countries, and 2 European countries
  • Establishment of maximum communications through signing cooperation protocols with active domestic and international entities.

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