our services

Taking care of the customers is one of our tasks, and this will not terminate solely with the delivery of a quality product. Provision of technical and food consulting, supporting the customers in their target market, delivery of the needed equipment and machines, etc. are among provided services to accompany the customer from the beginning to the end.


  • Design, construction and commissioning of oil extraction plants

Technical knowledge of managers and founders of PMCO draws from their education and working experience. Acknowledge backed by construction of several oil-extraction factories based on chemical methods with different capacities that have been designed, constructed and commissioned.

Applying the knowledge and technology of the day, according to the standards of design and construction, were effective factors in the success of building previous factories. At present, PMCO is ready to provide this service according to customer requests and environmental conditions.


  • Business, technical, and engineering consulting

Companies and plants active in the field of extraction and refining edible oils, livestock, and poultry feed production, trading companies in this field have always needed consulting services in business, technical, and engineering fields to expand their activities as well as cutting down overhead costs. PMCO, backed by knowledge and experience of its partners is ready to offer effective and useful consulting services.


  • Marketing and development

All the success of manufacturing companies lies in the sales of the product. Failing to deliver products to the market will certainly make the companies face challenges. PMCO, with full knowledge of the consumer market will establish good and direct communication for the manufacturers. Also, by understanding of the needs of the market, PMCO may offer tips and advice that will help vertical and horizontal development of the manufacturers,

A development that is not necessarily based on the volume and size of the target market, but it also focuses on producer’s existing needs and abilities, changing diversity of clients, and the type of goods offered to the market.